"It doesn’t matter where they come from – what matters is where they go."

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“Meet the Runner” Series

Over the next few months as we work towards the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation’s 10th Annual Run on Oct. 16th, 2016 we will introduce you to some of our incredible students who embody the essence of what Streetfront is all about – tenacity, focus, dedication and desire for personal growth. Many, if not all, of the students have either have been a S2P participant or are training to join the Patagonia Chile 2017 Trek.

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The Street2Peak Project

The Street2Peak Project is a 10 year venture that will take some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable youth on 5 magnificent adventures across 5 continents. The purpose of these trips is to give disadvantaged students an opportunity to share their stories of struggle and success with the rest of the world. We are going to travel the globe and expose our students to those wondrous and beautiful lands outside of our inner-city borders. They will get to meet, firsthand, other indigenous youth from different countries and start to participate in a global conversation about what it’s like to be a kid in an ever-changing and overly complex world. These will not be “holidays”, but rather, these expeditions will be rigorous and demanding, pushing the students to their limits in the hopes of showing them and the world what youth are capable of. Drawing the majority of our students from the Streetfront Alternative Program is an added benefit due to their commitment to physical fitness, outdoor pursuits and marathon training the program offers. From these expeditions, we will be creating a leadership cohort that will take their experiences to students around the province, inspiring youth to believe in themselves and know that it doesn’t matter where they come from – what matters is where they go.  We have just received initial approval from the Vancouver School Board on our next exciting expedition.




Street2Peak has successfully completed what we had striven to do – plant the seed of change in the lives of 15 students by climbing Africa’s highest peak – Mt. Kilimanjaro! Every student experienced challenges and tribulations, but persevered; both received and demonstrated compassion for one another; had direct contact with the beauty of Tanzania’s people and environment; had shared two weeks of adventure, laughter, tough times, and awe with friends new and old; had seen incredible wildlife in person that they had only seen in childhood story books or at best confined in zoo’s. The seeds of travel, exploration, shared experiences and most of all that no matter where one comes from with dedication, focus, hard work and gathering allies within their community that their dreams can become a reality! For many of the participants they have began to make lasting positive changes – working harder in their education, welcoming greater physical challenges, and becoming a person with more compassion and hopeful of their future selves. Many parents and community members have noticed a fire, a vibrancy, and confidence within these youth. We know as they mature and gain further experiences where they are now will pale in comparison to where they will be.

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Recent Blog Posts

October 8, 2016 |

Emily and Trevor on Breakfast Television

Congratulations to Streetfront student Emily Lloyd on representing herself, her classmates, her family, and Streetfront well while telling her story on Breakfast Television. Way to promote Streetfront and the Street2Peak Project! Watch for yourself...

August 28, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Cheakamus Lake

Today was the last of our summer training hikes for the Chile 2017 adventure. We concluded with a hike on the Cheakamus Lake trail to Singing Creek. This beautiful turquoise lake lies below Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Well done team and thanks to Gord and Crystal for their assistance.      ...

August 21, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Capilano Pacific

With packs loaded with more weight we tackled the 15 round-trip trail that covered Ambleside Park to the south and the Cleveland Dam at the Capilano Lake (one of our drinking water sources) to the north. Thankfully the weather gave us a break with mostly cloudy conditions to make it much nicer to hike in. Thanks to our volunteers Crystal, Hai and Jesse and S2P “staff” Gord and Brandon. Thanks to the Chile “kids” for another awesome time on the trail!    ...

August 14, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Norvan Falls

With a little more weight added in the form of tent parts we set off for Lynn Headwaters to hike the trail to Norvan Falls. Luckily the trail is mostly in the trees so we the sun hard to work harder to get at us. The cooler shade was much appreciated on this 14.5 km hike. Thanks for our volunteers Jesse and Sean and to the S2P staff Gord, Trevor and Brandon for another successful training hike!  ...

August 7, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Baden Powell Trail

For or fourth training hike we strapped on the backpacks, loaded them with weight and headed for Deep Cove, North Vancouver. We started at the beginning of the Baden Powell trail bypassing the extremely busy Quarry Rock lookout and found quieter trails – until nearing the equally popular Lynn Canyon Park. We covered 13 km’s and gained 800 m in elevation on trails from rocky and rooty to pleasant boardwalk lined forests. Thanks to those Chile hopefuls and volunteers that showed up and made today an enjoyable...

July 24, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Elk-Thurston Trail

For our third training hike we drove out to the Fraser Valley and hiked a very popular Elk and Thurston Mountain trail. It was a steep, hot day but the youth did a wonderful job taking it all in stride. What a beautiful scene below us with the Fraser River valley and its communities to one side and the rushing waters of the Chilliwack River and its forested valley to the other. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers of the day – Miyuki who applied her skills as a Registered Massage Therapist, Crystal our ever dedicated Streetfront volunteer, Kili participants dynamic duo Jesse and Sean. Thanks to our Britannia school administrator and Street2Peak team member...

July 17, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Diez Vistas

As usual this group of 15 Chile hopefuls hiked a pretty quick pace covering the 15 km’s and 1,400′ (426m) in elevation gain in a respectable 5 hours with breaks. Yours truly had forgotten the camera at school but Hai was kind enough to lend me his image maker to grab a few shots. Thanks Hai and thanks also to our other fantastic volunteers for the day – Jesse, Sean and Crystal.    ...

July 10, 2016 |

Patagonia Chile 2017: Training Hike – Mt. Seymour

Today we kicked off the series of training hikes that will be used in part to select the 15 or so youth who will join the 2nd Street2Peak Project trek to the Patagonia region of Chile in March 2017. Do these youth have the dedication, the tenacity, and the physical ability to become a strong Chile team member and reap the rewards of hard work? Well if today is any indication we had 14 awesome youth right here who had a great hiking pace and demonstrated they want the opportunity to backpack in Torres Del Paine National Park and possibly a side trip to Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Well done all! Thanks goes out...

June 28, 2016 |

Chile training hikes this summer

SUMMER TRAINING SCHEDULE: This summer we begin our training and selection process for those youth who are interested in being on our 2017 Patagonia Chile team. * Mt. Seymour (North Vancouver) – Hiking July 10th – 9am – 5pm * High Falls Creek (Squamish) – Hiking July 17th 8am – 5pm * Elk-Thurston (Chilliwack) – Hiking July 24th – 8am – 8pm * B.P. – Deep Cove to Lynn (N. Van.) – Backpacking Aug. 7th – 9am – 6pm * Norvan Falls (North Vancouver) – Backpacking Aug. 14th – 9am – 5pm * Capilano Pacific Trail (N. Van.) – Backpacking Aug. 21st – 9am – 5pm * Cheakamus Lake (Whistler) – Backpacking Aug. 28th...

May 25, 2016 |

Announcement: Street2Peak’s 2017 Trek Location

We are very happy to announce that we have finalized our next Street2Peak trek for March 2017… Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile!! The iconic Torres del Paine. Photo from internationaltravellermag.com Torres del Paine was voted the fifth most beautiful place in the world by National Geographic. Torres del Paine, and the whole Chilean Patagonia region for that matter, is a dramatic landscape of granite spires and sharp-edged mountain ranges that rise out of plains, emerald green lakes and accented with glaciers. We will backpack self-guided over 75 km’s of Torres del Paine extensive trail system utilizing campsites and refugios (mountain huts) along the way. We are so excited to have chosen Patagonia as our...

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