Winter Camp Trip

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Winter Camp Trip

In our constant quest for fitness and group bonding, two goals in our training for Kilimanjaro, we recently completed our annual Winter Camp. Once again we utilized the conveniently accessible Scouts cabin in the Hollyburn area of Cypress Provincial Park.

The 30 minute hike into the cabin was for some students their first experience carrying in their gear and food. Teamwork was important since the students were arranged into food groups – coming up with their menus, shopping, packaging, cooking and cleaning up after themselves. Many students had little or no grocery budgeting and shopping experience so new skills were obtained.

Activities included snowshoeing at Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, snowboarding at Cypress Mountain and many evening  group games while relaxing at the cabin. The class once again impressed the staff with their compassion and care for each other, especially when a fellow classmate was injured during snowboarding.

We look forward to many more training opportunities, disguised as adventures, as we work towards our epic Kilimanjaro trip!