Thank you for any donation or support that creates such an awesome opportunity to an EastVan kid!


 We have identified several donation and sponsorship options. All donations and sponsorship’s are tax refundable.


Donation options:

Donation Option One. Donate whatever you can!

Donation Option Two.  Cover a student’s gear costs ($1200.00)

Donation Option Three.  Cover a student’s Mountain experience ($1500.00)

Donation Option Four. Cover a student’s flight cost ($2000.00)

Sponsorship options:

Additional media and publicity benefits will apply to sponsoring organizations and individuals.

Silver Sponsor.  Sponsoring an individual’s airfare and climb ($3500.00)

Gold Sponsor. Full sponsorship of an individual ($6000.00)

Platinum Sponsor. A sponsorship of a group of students or in kind donation ($16,000.00)